Superman VS Goku 2 Death Battle Review: Who’s the Super Champion? 

To state that DC comics have better superheroes than DBZ would be an understatement, let alone the fact that millions of crazy fans would be at war! But the final conclusion to the crossover battle between Superman and Goku was a tad bit of a disappointment. Comic fanatics are on an uproar after the release of Episode 25 which hosts a rematch between Super Saiyan Goku and the Man of Steel, Superman.

Superman VS Goku Rematch Death Battle

The legendary battle definitely showcased intense moves but was it enough satisfy ScrewAttack’s growing fandom? Death Battle which is a popular web based show hosted by the Wizard (Ben Singer) and Boomstick (Chad James) is one of the many entertainment programs hosted by ScrewAttack. With our favorite anime enigmas and comic book superheroes clashing swords in alternate dimensions, the restless crew of comic book lovers eagerly awaits the last word – who is better? Is it Goku or Superman?

Even though ScrewBattle aired the Goku VS Superman’ as part of the Death Battle series it is needless to say that the final match was a reluctant disappointment. For Superman lovers, the dual was a kick ass combination of stealth, speed and absolute determination. But for DBZ fanatics, those baffling stunts seemed off cue. While the first episode aired on January 2013 ended with Superman winning the field against all odds and now with the final battle pitched, Superman’s victory has literally taken everyone for a spin.

Goku VS Superman – the Difference

Goku’s a Super Saiyan, so how can the DBZ hero lose against the Man of Steel? The anime is surely graphical brimming with blasts and debris flying all over the screen. Goku who is a goofy yet smart character against the solemn faced Superman is a sharp contrast in terms of power and significance. We’ve been used to watching our beloved Goku hogging cups of ramen while Superman in his arrested temperament scours Earth’s atmosphere, alert and supreme. So a match against such contrasting characters was a shocker especially when we see Goku as SS4 in the second battle.

Super Saiyan strength, speed and agility prove to be lesser as compared to Superman’s stealth which was quite an open event. We can safely assume that with no shards of Kryptonite around, Superman was at a peak. How would he walk through that gigantic blast of Kamehameha’ like it was nothing? That was surely a down show for DBZ fans, pretty much used to watching Frieda combust into tiny pieces from the all time famous DBZ attack. So the question is – didn’t ScrewAttack overdo their emphasis on Superman?

As for Superman killing Goku – let’s face it DC comics has never really portrayed Superman of being a mad man, hungry for power. Superman rarely kills so it was an unlikely finish. Even though Goku’s SS4 could not maintain a stronghold against Superman’s laser beam, ScrewAttack could have focused better on Goku’s natural abilities than Kent’s superhuman combat skills. We’ve never actually known how fast Superman is so comparing speed and power are absolutely ridiculous especially with Goku’s consistent power growth in the series.


If you compare attacks, Goku’s flying kicks are a lot more precise than Superman’s flying acrobatics. Goku should clearly have fun if explained in a more scientific manner – the Spirit Bomb which calls upon energy from every living source. Now Kryptonite (Superman’s ultimate weakness) is one of the major elements that could have been summoned but the Death Battle was inclined towards Superman’s victory from the start! This information which we take from both the manga and DC comics should have been taken into consideration.

Death Battle – Superman VS Goku was the Super Saiyan’s win from the start. Just the fact that Goku can control energy and can draw life forces makes him superior to Superman. Death Battle has a partial termination, so ScrewAttack has a lot to answer for! Irrespective of the fact that both superheroes are immortals of their time and kind, Goku still holds a lot more fighting experience than Superman. What a bombastic end to an incredible battle but the victory belonged to Goku more than ever.

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